Self-watering Bulb by Skärså Glashytta

350 SEK

Self-watering Bulb by Skärså Glashytta

If you want your plants to get water whenever they need it, you need a set of these. Stylish and elegant made in glass yet sturdy and full of quality. They all look unique with small air bubble imperfections and the sizes vary. The ball is about 9 cm diameter and the total length around 20 cm. 

Directions of use
You add water, put it in the flower compost then press it down. The flower will get the water whenever it needs it! You need to add water about every two weeks to keep it happy. 

It is easiest if you wash the container by adding a bit of vinegar and grain, such as rice. Shake it and then rinse throughly. 

We stock them in five colours:
Orange red
Dark Turquoise

These colourful and smart self watering systems are designed and produced by Erika in Skärså, outside of Söderhamn in Hälsingland 💙