Scented Candles by Roadknight Candles

125 SEK

Scented Candles by Roadknight Candles

Lovely smelling soy wax candles. These beauties are hand poured using natural soy wax and waxed wicks. Comes in small clear jars of 125 ml or large 300 ml ones. The lid is covered with fabric, handmade and dyed using plant based materials, all in different colours to identify the scent. 

I usually tell customers in the shop how great these candles are because the scent is very subtle, but still intense. Great if you are a bit sensitive to scented candles or live with someone who is :) 

We have for you to enjoy six fragrances:
Coconut & Lime
French Pear
Peony Rose
Acari & Pomegranate
Lemongrass & Green Tea

These candles are made by Jess in Stockholm. The scents are inspired by adventures 💙